Wednesday Links — March 3, 2010

I feel very far behind in my readings of the Economist this week, but I kept up with the blog world a little better than usual. Let’s do some links:

  • Couldn’t agree more with Miranda on physical gold.  The slippage on entering and leaving physical gold is immense.
  • Great article by our friend Fred on green savings strategies, for those rare occasions when your pocketbook and your conscience might align.
  • Let’s give Poorer Than You a round of applause for netting four dollars and a Plutus Award!
  • Online Investing AI discusses finance apps.   Relevant to me as I’m desperately trying to figure out what phone to get.
  • Trend technician discusses the black swan in Greece and why I’d be far too scared to chase it.

Why Now May Be the Right Time for Green Stimulus

Photo by: andjohan

In the period leading up to the realization of the current economic crisis, Green was booming.  Solar cell companies were stock market darlings, and the whole sector looked like it may have the makings of the next bubble.  Unfortunately the crash has of course taken some of the bloom off that rose and investment has decreased to 2007 levels.1  But the crash is offset somewhat by the components of President Obama’s stimulus package that call for spending on renewable energy and other “Green” projects.

Why Green?

Generally the idea behind counter-cyclical spending is for the government to put people to work doing things that benefit the country as a whole-thus the idea of building roads, schools, or something else that will give a lasting benefit while helping invigorate the economy through the spending.  This is a win-win.  For those who are pro-Green, environmentally friendly projects seem like the perfect kind of project.  You can wean the country off oil, save the environment and fix the economy all at once.  But is this argument realistic? (more…)

  1. Forbes – Venture Capital Investment in Renewable Energy Exceeds $836.1M in Q1 2009 []